Thursday, December 28, 2006

coming to ends

Originally uploaded by sequin faery.

*above photo by damian*

it's been forever since an update, i know. 2006 is almost over and it will soon be time to start fresh all over again. i really do get that feeling every year, that feeling that i can make the new year a better one, a more productive one.

i got a sexy new camera for christmas which i hope will help me on my path to doing my own thing along with my painting and greeting cards that people seem to be loving (and saying i should sell). this year i have to drop my fears and intimidations and start taking chances. i have to get out of my current job that's for sure, the stress is not good and is taking it's toll on my body (i was sick over christmas and have been losing weight from not eating), my marriage, my mental health. i have this entire week off until Jan.2nd and it feels so good to be relaxing, doing things at a normal pace, i'm afraid to go back.

so anyway, i'm playing with name ideas for a new website which will feature my art and photography and hopefully also my journal (i still like having a journal even though i haven't updated). i'm thinking of just using my

time to re-arrange the spare bedroom, i've got the itch to re-arrange rooms and paint them.