Friday, October 13, 2006

in which he kissed the bride

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happy anniversary damian!

6 years ago to the day. we had a lot of people concerned that we chose to get married on a friday the 13th but we didn't care. we really wanted to get married on halloween but it was a wednesday that year, so, we took halloween backwards instead.

a cozy night tonight on this freezing day. a fire in our fireplace, a yummy dinner of i don't know what yet, and a decadent bottle of champagne. maybe a chocolate fondue for dessert, yeah, i think that's mandatory!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

in which the iceman cometh

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from across my office i heard "it's snowing!" sure enough when i looked out the window december caught my eye in a blizzard.

it's done now but it was a mighty gust of flurry action. now the sun is shining as if nothing had happened, like the cover up of a horrible mistake. mark it, first official snow fall (even though it didn't stick to the ground), October 11th....gotta love canada!

Monday, October 02, 2006

in which time escapes me

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well we're into our new place and the film fest is long over. i was film logged after all those movies, for a couple days everything i did felt like a movie. i kind of liked it.

i've been so busy lately with the move and my new position at work starting. i'm in my last few days of training and i'm not too sure about it. my hours are 9-5 yet i can never seem to get out of there until AFTER 5:00. this is not good as damian & i come in together therefore he is waiting for me after work too. not to mention the office politics i'm immersed in now that i'm inside the doors rather than sitting alone at reception. i'm really not sure if i can handle it, i really hate office environments.

i'm loving our new house though, the commute i could do without but i knew it would be a part of my life when we bought this place. the leaves are gorgeous and last night was such a clear night i was re-introduced to stars. i was also re-introduced to spiders. not many spiders happen in condos but on my first day here, as i occupied the washroom "powdering my nose", a spider loomed near watching my every move (perv). poe also ate a giant, fat, juicy jeff goldblum type creature that had taken up residence in one of our windows. the loud thump thum buzz ceased suddenly, i looked over at poe who sat still on the ledge, mouth clenched tight. the tiny evidence of a kill hung out of her mouth in the form of a wing.

still haven't got my studio in order but i think i may have managed to talk damian into stealing one of the bigger bedrooms to house my arts (huzzah!). my reasoning...why let the bigger of the 2 leftover bedrooms just sit there waiting to be used, begging for company in the form of a sleepover guest? why waste all of that space? so the little one (which is going to look super cozy when i'm done with it) is waiting for you to curl up in it.

time for bed, the commute happens again tomorrow morning and i'm not used to having to get up at 5:30 (le sigh). maybe a chapter of my book to send me off.