Sunday, September 10, 2006

film fest day 3: in which i fall for Norway

burb kids
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i forgot to mention in the last post, ("film fest day 2") that damian & i were nearly run down while crossing the street on friday night (saturday morning) by dustin hoffman, close call dusty.

saw a FANTASTIC film on day 3 (saturday), a Norwegian film 'the bothersome man. so far my favourite film of the fest, the reason i do the festival is for films like this. films that make me curious, make me think, make me feel. i felt a strong connection to this one, to the themes. that's all i'll say though because i wouldn't do it justice describing what i thought it meant.

that was the only film i had on saturday so damian & i headed over to the vegetarian food fair where i ate a lot of mini tofu shish kabobs.

the unexciting end.