Saturday, September 09, 2006

film fest day 2: in which we finally travel to (celluloid) kazakhstan

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after 1/2 a day at work i was free, free to go to the box office to see what to do about the tickets we still had for the botched screening of Borat the night before. turns out we just used the same ticket, nothing too difficult there really.

i decided to slowly stroll home, stop at le commensal for lunch where the woman at the cash register was a bitch to me when i said "i think i have 21 cents too.....nope, sorry, i don't". she gave me "well anything ma'am, a quarter whatever i don't want to hold up the line". what the hell is that attitude? i'm pissed that there never seems to be time, we're always being rushed through everything, rushed to start, rushed to finish. there was ONE person behind me. she handed me my change, never once even taking a moment of precious fleeting time to look at me, "thank you, next" i looked at her and said "gee, thanks" as i tried to gather my wallet and change in one hand while trying to pick up my tray in the other, don't want to hold up the line.

anyways, then i felt my asthma kicking in (for teh past 3 weeks i've had this constant cough that makes me feel like i could die from it since i'm not getting enough air, fun times). i managed to get to the eaton center when i realized, this isn't good. called up my doctor to see if i could get an appointment. he was booked solid but i got one with a nurse. long story short the nurse saw me and said "you WILL be seeing a doctor", my doc saw me and said it was severe, that next time this happens (which it hopefully won't) he doesn't care what time of day it is....get to the hospital. okay, so i had an asthma attack and didn't really take it seriously, good to know. it's like breathing through the tiny straw of a drinking box. i walked out of there with 3 puffers and steroid pills that i have to take for 7 days. i'm on steroids. i can kick your ass.

anyways, we headed over to the Elgin theater to wait in line for Borat (again) and the skies opened up on us. hundreds of people making love to the wall to try and stay dry. once we got in the theater it was freezing, we're talking air conditioning to the max and we were all wet to boot. the film was hilarious, the seats were comfy (which is generally not the case at the elgin but maybe that's just when you're seeing a film that sucks), the air conditioning seemed to take a powder, and i could breath. it was "vray niceh!"