Friday, September 08, 2006

film fest day 1: in which Michael Moore attempts salvation

the tiny Borat
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i couldn't stop laughing, no one could, for a solid 10-15 minutes of Borat entertainment. then the projector broke. this is never good but it's especially never good when it happens to a midnight madness crowd (they tend to be more on the vocal side). the house lights came up and hundreds of faces plastered with looks of death turned toward the projection booth, a series of boos were uttered and then michael moore appeared behind us. it was a bit surreal, why was michael moore headiing to the projection booth. let me just say for the record i had some booze on board from a girls night at work before i came to the theater so things were extra odd.

there were many cheers for michael when he exited the booth and walked past us so i yelled "but did he fix it?" a few fellow audience members agreed with my questioning as they turned to look at me laughing with a "so true". he didn't fix it.

before we knew it michael was on stage with Borat director Larry Charles. why michael moore was on stage instead of Borat was a mystery but for the next 45 minutes or so it was a free for all Q&A, any topic was open to discussion. finally they brought Borat back when they realized the projector situation was not going to be fixed any time soon. so we started with what's normally saved to the end, the Q&A. all and all it was pretty entertaining but we never did get to see the film. it has been rescheduled for tonight at midnight at teh Elgin theater...much closer to home for us!

time for a nap so i can make it to midnight, didn't get much sleep last night and was up early for work this morning but now, now i'm on vacation!!!

for another ridiculously bad photo taken from a distance with no flash, see mike & lar