Tuesday, August 08, 2006

self portrait challenge- enclosed spaces

self portrait - enclosed spaces
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what a fantastic and relaxing long weekend that was. escaped the madness of the city and went to my own personal resort....mom & dad's. lounged by the pool, did a little photo shoot with kate, drank, played with the dogs. we had a great night on sunday night, it was gorgeous outside so damian, mom, dad, kate, kevin & i sat on the lounge chairs under the stars illuminated by the glow of the pool.

on thursday night we sold our condo (conditionally upon the status certificate which is standard proceedure) so we're quite happy to be able to leave dishes in the sink again and not have to make our bed every morning. no more strangers wandering through our place.

on friday i did it, i finally did it. after many years and already letting it expire once, this 29 year old got her learners permit! there's been no need for me to get my license since i've been living in the city for so long but now that we're moving to the country (end of september) i'm going to need it. plus it's going to be great to not have to bring my passport to the bar for ID, not very pocket friendly that document.

tomorrow is my company's summer party which should be fun, we're going on a boat cruise and the theme is 'the love boat'. should be good times, this company sure likes to party. on thursday i was filmed (twice) for a little project they were working on to promote the party at our all staff meeting tomorrow morning. along with a few other people who were also filmed, i plan on being embarassed to see my face blowing kisses to the camera on the big screen. our all staff meetings are held at the varsity theater.