Thursday, August 17, 2006

in which summer creeps to an end

Originally uploaded by sequin faery.

i could really go for a thunderstorm of immense proportions tonight, i love t-storms.

i can't believe the CNE opens tomorrow, that pretty much means the end of summer. it also means deep fried chocolate bars, pierogies, and the soft seductive call of the carnie, "hey sweetness why not shake that over here and win yerself a panda".

the CNE was way better when i was a kid, when the arts & crafts in the arts & crafts pavilion actually were arts & crafts and not flea market kitch and large packs of socks at bargain prices. i still go though, i go for the $0.99 spaghetti and stay for the sweet smell of hot barf on the midway. truth is, i'm not sure why i still go. i think it has something to do with tradition (and the polar bear express).

guess what? myspace is good for more than just wasting time while bored at work. my long lost best friend from high school found me on there, it's been over 10 years since i saw her last, it's fantastic! check out her "space" coz she's an artist and her paintings are kick ass....i can't wait to hang a piece in my new house, shazaam!!!! Robin Luoma