Monday, August 14, 2006

in which i'm bitten and farted at

nina & adrian
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the sign in front of the church read:
"we're not the dairy queen but we have great sundays"
and i thought about how i would need hot fudge and peanuts with that.

spent the day at a cottage yesterday visiting damian's sister who's here from england for a bit. had fun playing with the niece & nephew who are ADORABLE and made me want to get knocked up STAT. *seriously though, i can wait*. a fire ant took a chunk out of my foot when we first got there, that's a stink i don't want to feel a second time.

so today at lunch i'm sitting in a quiet little stretch of hall along Cumberland where they've set up tables and fabric chairs *fabric chairs in a public place disqust me, imagine all the stuff that's clinging to each fiber). anyways, i'm quasi enjoying my salad wishing it were french fries when out of nowhere comes this thunderous earth shattering fart from the ass of the man walking past me. it was a beautiful little aromatic garnish.