Tuesday, August 29, 2006

in which i think winter thoughts

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am i completely nuts to be sort of wanting the scene above?

we move into our new house on sept. 22nd and i can't wait! i can't wait for the peace and quiet, i can't wait for the crispy air, for halloween in an old house (i'm going to decorate the shit out of that place). i REALLY can't wait for christmas in the house, it's a great christmas house. i can see a snow storm outside, big soft flakes, going for a walk just so we can come home to light a (wood burning) fire in our fireplace and drink hot chocolate with little marshmallows in it...or spiced wine.

back to reality, i start my new position in a couple of weeks. i'll be training the new receptionist for a couple days next week then i'm off on vacation for a week. nothing too fancy or all inclusive unfortunately, just taking in the film fest good and proper. i'm sure drinks will be involved but they won't be inclusive...dammit!