Tuesday, August 29, 2006

in which i think winter thoughts

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am i completely nuts to be sort of wanting the scene above?

we move into our new house on sept. 22nd and i can't wait! i can't wait for the peace and quiet, i can't wait for the crispy air, for halloween in an old house (i'm going to decorate the shit out of that place). i REALLY can't wait for christmas in the house, it's a great christmas house. i can see a snow storm outside, big soft flakes, going for a walk just so we can come home to light a (wood burning) fire in our fireplace and drink hot chocolate with little marshmallows in it...or spiced wine.

back to reality, i start my new position in a couple of weeks. i'll be training the new receptionist for a couple days next week then i'm off on vacation for a week. nothing too fancy or all inclusive unfortunately, just taking in the film fest good and proper. i'm sure drinks will be involved but they won't be inclusive...dammit!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

in which summer creeps to an end

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i could really go for a thunderstorm of immense proportions tonight, i love t-storms.

i can't believe the CNE opens tomorrow, that pretty much means the end of summer. it also means deep fried chocolate bars, pierogies, and the soft seductive call of the carnie, "hey sweetness why not shake that over here and win yerself a panda".

the CNE was way better when i was a kid, when the arts & crafts in the arts & crafts pavilion actually were arts & crafts and not flea market kitch and large packs of socks at bargain prices. i still go though, i go for the $0.99 spaghetti and stay for the sweet smell of hot barf on the midway. truth is, i'm not sure why i still go. i think it has something to do with tradition (and the polar bear express).

guess what? myspace is good for more than just wasting time while bored at work. my long lost best friend from high school found me on there, it's been over 10 years since i saw her last, it's fantastic! check out her "space" coz she's an artist and her paintings are kick ass....i can't wait to hang a piece in my new house, shazaam!!!! Robin Luoma

Monday, August 14, 2006

in which i'm bitten and farted at

nina & adrian
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the sign in front of the church read:
"we're not the dairy queen but we have great sundays"
and i thought about how i would need hot fudge and peanuts with that.

spent the day at a cottage yesterday visiting damian's sister who's here from england for a bit. had fun playing with the niece & nephew who are ADORABLE and made me want to get knocked up STAT. *seriously though, i can wait*. a fire ant took a chunk out of my foot when we first got there, that's a stink i don't want to feel a second time.

so today at lunch i'm sitting in a quiet little stretch of hall along Cumberland where they've set up tables and fabric chairs *fabric chairs in a public place disqust me, imagine all the stuff that's clinging to each fiber). anyways, i'm quasi enjoying my salad wishing it were french fries when out of nowhere comes this thunderous earth shattering fart from the ass of the man walking past me. it was a beautiful little aromatic garnish.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

self portrait challenge- enclosed spaces

self portrait - enclosed spaces
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what a fantastic and relaxing long weekend that was. escaped the madness of the city and went to my own personal resort....mom & dad's. lounged by the pool, did a little photo shoot with kate, drank, played with the dogs. we had a great night on sunday night, it was gorgeous outside so damian, mom, dad, kate, kevin & i sat on the lounge chairs under the stars illuminated by the glow of the pool.

on thursday night we sold our condo (conditionally upon the status certificate which is standard proceedure) so we're quite happy to be able to leave dishes in the sink again and not have to make our bed every morning. no more strangers wandering through our place.

on friday i did it, i finally did it. after many years and already letting it expire once, this 29 year old got her learners permit! there's been no need for me to get my license since i've been living in the city for so long but now that we're moving to the country (end of september) i'm going to need it. plus it's going to be great to not have to bring my passport to the bar for ID, not very pocket friendly that document.

tomorrow is my company's summer party which should be fun, we're going on a boat cruise and the theme is 'the love boat'. should be good times, this company sure likes to party. on thursday i was filmed (twice) for a little project they were working on to promote the party at our all staff meeting tomorrow morning. along with a few other people who were also filmed, i plan on being embarassed to see my face blowing kisses to the camera on the big screen. our all staff meetings are held at the varsity theater.

Friday, August 04, 2006

in which it's about time

pigeon island
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long weekend time, 4 days off and i'm feeling fantastic about that. my company gives us an extra day every long weekend.

speaking of work, turns out i accepted an offer of promotion at there and as of late september i will no longer be on reception. it'll be nice to try my hand at something else and not have to deal with dinks on the phone and the courier who's always drunk on fridays.

something promising happening with the sale of our condo, and i'm doing something today, my day off, that i should have done long ago.