Thursday, July 06, 2006

in which we peek a second time

cookstown 10
Originally uploaded by sequin faery.

we went to visit the house again last night and brought our super fantastic real estate goddess with us. we also brought a few more sets of eyes ( daren, damian's step-mom and his dad who showed up later). my dad was supposed to come too but couldn't make it so he went on his own during the day to inspect the stuff we know nothing about....pipes, wiring, foundation, etc. with a house that's 100 + years old we want to make sure it's not going to fall into the ground as we sleep one night. i took more pics, this time of the upstairs and the haunted basement (which i forgot last time). if you have any interest in seeing them they're with the other ones.

i lost my bank card and it's driving me nuts, no access to money except through damian who's kind of like my sugar daddy right now. i feel like i'm on an allowance. at least it keeps me from buying junk food when i hit that 3:00 munchie wall.