Friday, July 14, 2006

in which we minimize

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this fun filled weekend is going to be filled with fun filled packing. we're not moving yet, far(ish) from it, our place isn't even on the market yet. in fact we'll be taking apart furniture and packing up things that make the place appear smaller, this includes my mobile art unit, a fantastic drawered storage space on wheels. so i guess if i want to do any painting i'll have to do it tonight.

we're gonna cute our shoebox up like nobody's business, it's going to look like a bridle path mansion by the time we're through with it (a mansion furnished by ikea that is). we need as much cash as we can legally ask for, we're going to have to furnish this new place and i want to at least have dining room chairs by christmas.

sigh, so much that i want. i want to go on vacation, not just take a week off and hang around the city (this is a thought for during the film fest). i want to go back to england or even more amazing would be to visit my fam in australia. i would need more than just a week for those 2 dreams, maybe just a week at a beach resort then, i could sit at the swim up bar and drink cocktails until i turn into a prune.