Thursday, July 27, 2006

in which one person (and $50) can make a difference

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this morning started with the cats smashing a candle holder on a rug which splintered like crazy, tiny glass shards embedded in the loops and twirls of fibre. without a vacuum i madly tried to get up as many bits as i could in case of any showings (nothing like a piece of glass in the foot to help talk someone into buying the place).

after that i found myself behind a man and his boxer on the way to the subway. the boxer wanted to do dog things like sniff the ground and look around at all the action around him, the man had other plans. as he tugged violently on the very short leash the dog coward and would not move which only made the man pull harder. i decided to follow behind him rather than take my usual route. once the dog started moving everything seemed fine except that the dog did not look very happy and hung his head as he hesitantly walked on.

on a path in front of the man and his boxer came another man, he stared at the dog as he got closer. upon his approach he dramatically fell off the sidewalk and into the flowers beside him as if her were afraid the dog was going to attack him, this sad, sweet, sullen dog. as he passed me i heard him whisper under his breath "asshole". now granted the guy did come across as an asshole to me but that was because of the way he was tugging his dog NOT because he had a "mean" looking dog that should be muzzled because it could be mistaken for a pit bull. to me a boxer looks nothing like a pit bull but i guess if it's not the size of a poo or a lab it's potentially dangerous. here ends my rant about that.

i walked across the park thinking "i hate people and the faster i get of the city, the better". luckily all of that changed on the subway. an older lady sat beside me and out of the corner of my eye i could see her watching me draw in my book. just before we got to her stop she asked

lady: "did you draw all of those?"
me: "i did"
lady: "how very clever"

and then she was gone. it was so sweet, just that little moment. then when i got to work i found out i had won an award at our town hall for my enthusiasm. that fattened my wallet by $50, pretty sweet little moment right there too :)