Monday, July 10, 2006

in which i'm closer to owning ghosts

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after many attempts at trying to buy online and via phone i finally remembered how close i was to the box office. so i headed across the street to purchase my package, technical difficulties, they were frozen. no wonder i couldn't get online. i had to go back to work empty handed and hope that they didn't sell out. back i went at lunch, waited in a not too bad line-up (the nasty ones are still to come) with rained on soggy people and walked away a winner, a 30 ticket pass to this years film fest. it's possible this might be my last fest, the prices keep going up and if this years hike is any indication of what the price will be like next year, ouch! i'll have to see, if this years fest is kick ass and i have mucho fun...perhaps i will return. i love the fest despite the long lines and film snobs, i love seeing films that i (sadly) may never get to see again. the festival group is building a new complex with condos in it (surprise surprise, it's all toronto is now...cranes and dust, power tools and road closures) and i think that's why the prices are going up, i'm not positive but it's a theory. if that is the case i won't go next year on principle alone.

so we put an offer on the (maybe haunted) house, they counter offered, we accepted but changed the closing date, now we're waiting to hear if they've accepted that. we should know by tonight if a deposit will be exchanged and a home inspection arranged and if all goes well we will be HOME owners. it's all a bit scary really, we've done nothing but own the places we've lived in but those were condos, a house is different. we'll have property to maintain, we'll need to buy a lawnmower and shovels, furniture to fill more than one room, we'll have to fix our own plumbing and electrical. not to mention we'll be moving to a village, from a population of 2,481,494 (plus) to a population of 1400, from a newly built condominium to a farm house built in 1865. we might be crazy but moving there might in fact make me more sane. i'll paint more and i'm happy with that.

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