Tuesday, July 04, 2006

in which i think small town thoughts

cookstown 1
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what a gorgeous long weekend, a bit of (heavy) rain on saturday night as we sat under a tent in the world cafe at harbourfront, but otherwise gorgeous. actually, it was hot as hell and i have the burn to prove it.

we were up early on saturday morning to make the drive to cookstown for a 10:00am house viewing. turned out we really liked the house, it was pretty much everything we're looking for. it has a workshop (for damian's tools), 3 bedrooms (one of which would become my studio), 2 bathrooms (one with a clawfoot tub), it's old (built in 1865) so it has character, and it's not in the city. it is however on highway 89 which could prove to be annoying, though it can't be as loud as what we're used to living downtown. the front of the house (pictured above) faces the highway but "our" driveway and the door we will use most frequently is on a little dirt road. i guess we'll never know the extent of the loudness until we live there.

the basement, which isn't really meant for anything but the furnace etc. (and storage) is scary. it's all rock foundation and low ceilings, dank and musty, perfect setting for a ghost or two. i've convinced myself that the owners are motivated to sell due to the severity of the haunting. see more photos of the house