Thursday, July 27, 2006

in which one person (and $50) can make a difference

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this morning started with the cats smashing a candle holder on a rug which splintered like crazy, tiny glass shards embedded in the loops and twirls of fibre. without a vacuum i madly tried to get up as many bits as i could in case of any showings (nothing like a piece of glass in the foot to help talk someone into buying the place).

after that i found myself behind a man and his boxer on the way to the subway. the boxer wanted to do dog things like sniff the ground and look around at all the action around him, the man had other plans. as he tugged violently on the very short leash the dog coward and would not move which only made the man pull harder. i decided to follow behind him rather than take my usual route. once the dog started moving everything seemed fine except that the dog did not look very happy and hung his head as he hesitantly walked on.

on a path in front of the man and his boxer came another man, he stared at the dog as he got closer. upon his approach he dramatically fell off the sidewalk and into the flowers beside him as if her were afraid the dog was going to attack him, this sad, sweet, sullen dog. as he passed me i heard him whisper under his breath "asshole". now granted the guy did come across as an asshole to me but that was because of the way he was tugging his dog NOT because he had a "mean" looking dog that should be muzzled because it could be mistaken for a pit bull. to me a boxer looks nothing like a pit bull but i guess if it's not the size of a poo or a lab it's potentially dangerous. here ends my rant about that.

i walked across the park thinking "i hate people and the faster i get of the city, the better". luckily all of that changed on the subway. an older lady sat beside me and out of the corner of my eye i could see her watching me draw in my book. just before we got to her stop she asked

lady: "did you draw all of those?"
me: "i did"
lady: "how very clever"

and then she was gone. it was so sweet, just that little moment. then when i got to work i found out i had won an award at our town hall for my enthusiasm. that fattened my wallet by $50, pretty sweet little moment right there too :)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

in which congratulations are in order

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big gigantic skyscraping squishy love bubble congratulations to my little sister, kate, and her love of loves, kevin.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

in which i mix booze and pills

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for breakfast i had midol, for lunch i had red wine, when i got back to work.....i was loopy. i like to think i did a pretty good job at hiding it but who can say for sure. it's wearing off now but i have to admit my afternoon flew by in a wave of easy going.

i just have to point out a sad but great story in today's globe and mail. this whole pit bull ban pisses me off.

Monday, July 24, 2006

in which 2 flies sexing it up landed on my leg after i nearly stepped on 2 ladybugs shagging

la toilette
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it's a horny insect day.

i helped out alliance atlantis yesterday (client at work) by handing out rubber snakes and tattoos for the movie 'snakes on a plane'. we were at the baseball game and man is baseball ever boring. we were just hoping for outs, the more outs the faster the innings went by.

speaking of movies there's FINALLY a few i'm very anxious to see (in order of anxiousness). i'm not giving the titles though, you'll have to watch them to see what they are:

it's been a long time since i've looked forward to a movie. i love the turn-of-the-century period and magic so those first two better not fail me. all four of those films seem like crack for the eyes (especially the second two). getting reved up for the film fest in a couple months.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

in which i'm in a state

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just finding a lot getting on my nerves lately. why are people so angry and negative all the time? why do they have to impart their anger, bitterness, and what have you onto others? i never thought i'd want to leave the city, i love(d) the city. it's getting more swollen by the day or so it feels) more crowds, more lines, more construction, more horns honking, more people yelling at each other, more congestion, more sewage smell, more violence, more more more.

i lost it on a woman yesterday at work, i don't normally stand up for myself (which is the saddest thing in the world) but i guess she hit my boiling point, pressed that button that was just dying to be pressed. she came to drop off an envelope which i couldn't accept due to the fact that it was addressed to a name that doesn not work here. she was one of those bitter nasty people i mentioned above. she took the tone of what i said in a negative way and commented with "that's all i needed to know, god. for a receptionist you're not very cheerful". now i have to say i BRING the cheer, i smile when in a bad mood, i don't treat people like crap, people ask how i can be so happy all the time (i don't tell them this but it's a mask, i just put on a fake face, easy peazy lemon squeezy). anyways, i remarked back to her about how impolite she was and she wouldn't stop, she was picking a fight. she even slagged me while i was on the phone with a client "oh now she's the nice receptionist". when i got off i looked at her and said "listen, i take enough shit as it is and i don't need it from you too". she mentioned something about me having to get the last word and just before "fuck right off ditch pig" came out i bit my tongue and changed it to "just get on the elevator and get out of my face". not a shining moment for me, not very professional, alas i did not care.

i can't wait to get into our house, into our little village, into the country. now i just have to figure out a way to quit my corporate job and still afford the place. the dream would be to work from home of course, working on art. sigh. life is so damn expensive.

Friday, July 14, 2006

in which we minimize

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this fun filled weekend is going to be filled with fun filled packing. we're not moving yet, far(ish) from it, our place isn't even on the market yet. in fact we'll be taking apart furniture and packing up things that make the place appear smaller, this includes my mobile art unit, a fantastic drawered storage space on wheels. so i guess if i want to do any painting i'll have to do it tonight.

we're gonna cute our shoebox up like nobody's business, it's going to look like a bridle path mansion by the time we're through with it (a mansion furnished by ikea that is). we need as much cash as we can legally ask for, we're going to have to furnish this new place and i want to at least have dining room chairs by christmas.

sigh, so much that i want. i want to go on vacation, not just take a week off and hang around the city (this is a thought for during the film fest). i want to go back to england or even more amazing would be to visit my fam in australia. i would need more than just a week for those 2 dreams, maybe just a week at a beach resort then, i could sit at the swim up bar and drink cocktails until i turn into a prune.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

in which strangers will snoop

cookstown 12
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it's ours! they accepted the offer and now we have to put our shoebox up for sale. anyone looking for a condo in the city?

Monday, July 10, 2006

in which i'm closer to owning ghosts

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after many attempts at trying to buy online and via phone i finally remembered how close i was to the box office. so i headed across the street to purchase my package, technical difficulties, they were frozen. no wonder i couldn't get online. i had to go back to work empty handed and hope that they didn't sell out. back i went at lunch, waited in a not too bad line-up (the nasty ones are still to come) with rained on soggy people and walked away a winner, a 30 ticket pass to this years film fest. it's possible this might be my last fest, the prices keep going up and if this years hike is any indication of what the price will be like next year, ouch! i'll have to see, if this years fest is kick ass and i have mucho fun...perhaps i will return. i love the fest despite the long lines and film snobs, i love seeing films that i (sadly) may never get to see again. the festival group is building a new complex with condos in it (surprise surprise, it's all toronto is now...cranes and dust, power tools and road closures) and i think that's why the prices are going up, i'm not positive but it's a theory. if that is the case i won't go next year on principle alone.

so we put an offer on the (maybe haunted) house, they counter offered, we accepted but changed the closing date, now we're waiting to hear if they've accepted that. we should know by tonight if a deposit will be exchanged and a home inspection arranged and if all goes well we will be HOME owners. it's all a bit scary really, we've done nothing but own the places we've lived in but those were condos, a house is different. we'll have property to maintain, we'll need to buy a lawnmower and shovels, furniture to fill more than one room, we'll have to fix our own plumbing and electrical. not to mention we'll be moving to a village, from a population of 2,481,494 (plus) to a population of 1400, from a newly built condominium to a farm house built in 1865. we might be crazy but moving there might in fact make me more sane. i'll paint more and i'm happy with that.

*my banner and "about me" photo vanished when kate and i decided to get rid of our sibling rivalry account, they'll be back soon so ignore the blank space with the lonely "x"in it*

Thursday, July 06, 2006

in which we peek a second time

cookstown 10
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we went to visit the house again last night and brought our super fantastic real estate goddess with us. we also brought a few more sets of eyes ( daren, damian's step-mom and his dad who showed up later). my dad was supposed to come too but couldn't make it so he went on his own during the day to inspect the stuff we know nothing about....pipes, wiring, foundation, etc. with a house that's 100 + years old we want to make sure it's not going to fall into the ground as we sleep one night. i took more pics, this time of the upstairs and the haunted basement (which i forgot last time). if you have any interest in seeing them they're with the other ones.

i lost my bank card and it's driving me nuts, no access to money except through damian who's kind of like my sugar daddy right now. i feel like i'm on an allowance. at least it keeps me from buying junk food when i hit that 3:00 munchie wall.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

in which i think small town thoughts

cookstown 1
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what a gorgeous long weekend, a bit of (heavy) rain on saturday night as we sat under a tent in the world cafe at harbourfront, but otherwise gorgeous. actually, it was hot as hell and i have the burn to prove it.

we were up early on saturday morning to make the drive to cookstown for a 10:00am house viewing. turned out we really liked the house, it was pretty much everything we're looking for. it has a workshop (for damian's tools), 3 bedrooms (one of which would become my studio), 2 bathrooms (one with a clawfoot tub), it's old (built in 1865) so it has character, and it's not in the city. it is however on highway 89 which could prove to be annoying, though it can't be as loud as what we're used to living downtown. the front of the house (pictured above) faces the highway but "our" driveway and the door we will use most frequently is on a little dirt road. i guess we'll never know the extent of the loudness until we live there.

the basement, which isn't really meant for anything but the furnace etc. (and storage) is scary. it's all rock foundation and low ceilings, dank and musty, perfect setting for a ghost or two. i've convinced myself that the owners are motivated to sell due to the severity of the haunting. see more photos of the house