Friday, June 16, 2006

in which i return (to the sounds of Goldfrapp)

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i know, it's been forever. i've been super busy at work and when i come home i don't even want to see a computer. on monday i go back to the job i was hired for, reception hell, and it is going to be harder than a 13 year old boy watching 9 1/2 weeks. i got used to all the running around, the pee freedom (which means going whenever i needed to without having to tell someone), the wearing of jeans on friday....but that is all gone now. come monday i am stuck at a desk, bored.

what's been going on?

~ currently enjoying the summer weather (when it's here on weekends which is rare). damian, daren, and i spent the day on the island a couple weeks back (when it was a scorcher of a saturday) riding bikes and rollerblading. not being used to nice weather i failed to put sunscreen on, it completely skipped my mind and i'm usually very good with the "screen". my nose was burned to a crisp, so red i lit up dark rooms, my arms got very burned as well (especially my hands where they were grasping handle bars). while on the island we saw a perve jerking off while spying on people through the brush at Hanlan's (clothing optional beach), fun times. * above photo from the island 'big burn' day *

~ saw natalie portman at the movies the other week (just as cute as you'd imagine she is in real life).

~ i volunteered at work (and recruited kate and daren as well) to be "smart asses" at a benefit one of our clients, CCSIF was having. the 3 of us, along with 14 of my co-workers, stood out front of the venue in boxer shorts (white and VERY see-through...knickers were worn underneath to be safe, no one needs to see the silhouette of bum crack) and tees. each of us had one word on our rear ends:


i was "one", kate was "be", and daren was "in". it was a great night for a great cause, nothing like standing along the lakeshore in your undies for all passing cars and tour buses to see.

really not too much going on except for being busy. right now it looks like it's summer snowing outside. there's so much fluff floating around, dandelion fuzz everywhere, it looks like flurries. the cats like to watch it breeze pass the window. my parents opened their pool a couple weeks ago and i think we might have to take them up on their offer of a swim toomorrow, she's gonna be a hot one (in the 40's (celcius) with the humidity). i love lazing in their background oasis in the summer with the always stocked giant cooler resting on the deck. nothing like a poolside cocktail with a splash of chlorine in it from the cannonball competition.

speaking of booze, try the pomtini coolers at the liquor store...delish!