Thursday, May 11, 2006

in which i go beyond the door

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i have been super busy for the past while plus i haven't had a home computer, it made bad noises then died.

we tried to restore it to it's old self but it just wouldn't have any part in that, the thing was about 5 years old and i suppose its time was up. we splurged and bought one of these. see me loving it up. we've always been PC people and it's taking some time learning the new toy. i haven't had much time to play yet as i've been mad crazy busy at work.

yes, i have been moved off of reception and inside the office (for 1 1/2 - 2 months anyway) to help out a girl who is currently swamped. i'm not used to the freedom, the freedom to pee when i want (and not have to call someone first to watch the phones), the freedom to get up and get a snack, the freedom to walk around....*i like it*. on the other hand, as i said, i'm mad crazy busy! the other day was a long one baby, 8-6:30 with no breaks, not even lunch (okay, i did eat a bagel that was left over from a morning meeting, it was a little on the hard side but the cream cheese softened 'er up a bit). the advertising world is a busy place.

*superhero darren pictured above. taken at kate's ultimate frisbee game the other night...the sky was an incredible glow*