Friday, April 28, 2006

in which the lemmings wear belts

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after many frustrating attempts to find some new clothes for work (and a dress for a party last night) i have come to the realization that i should just give up.

every store i have set foot in has the exact same clothing in it that i saw in 4 other stores, and each with a belt to jazz it up. i really don't want a belt on my dress, a belt around my waist (aside from pants 'cause generally that's more on my hips) creates the illusion of a race between my boobs to see which one can cross over said belt first.

my next area of concern would have to be the footless tights under skirts, the look i wore in the late 80's early 90's while flipping through my Teen Beat mag, dreaming of jordan knight asking me to marry him. or how about the long, just a whisper from the knee, tube-like shorts? i also wore those back in the Teen Beat days only i painted all over them with awesome neon and puff paint.

i often wonder if some fashion fads are created just to see how much like sheep, like lemmings we all are. they dress a celebrity or 2 up in a ridiculous outfit, it catches on, every store starts carrying it (or versions of it), and the fashion world sits in the wings laughing all the way to the bank.

just my little rant, to each his own. i really need some new clothes for work but the variety is seriously lacking out there and i can't afford couture.

*leroy: made by kate*