Wednesday, April 12, 2006

in which i need repose

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i'm finally getting away from the familiar, 4 days off and i'm hitting the road with them. damian and i decided last week to take a mini road trip to philadelphia since this might be the only vacation time we get together for the next while.

he went a couple years ago for a hockey game and loved the city, being a huge Rocky fan he would though wouldn't he? he said me and my camera would love the architecture so that's where we're heading.

i can't wait to get away from the city, sure we're just going straight into another city but it'll be a different atmosphere, somewhere i've never been. i certainly didn't want to waste my long weekend away stuck inside bored OR roaming the same tired streets of toronto i always roam. i've just been feeling very stale lately, and god, i have no energy. i'm hoping this tiny getaway will help re-charge my batteries..

can i just say i'm a little bit concerned that this look is making its comeback? i wore that outfit to an NKOTB legs were THAT skinny too.