Friday, March 03, 2006

in which it was my birthday

birthday dessert
Originally uploaded by sequin faery.

yesterday was my birthday (29) and it was also bon jovi's birthday. i ate the above pictured raspberry dessert and drank australian wine. i do not know what bon jovi did.

i was elbowed in the tit this morning. the stop i get off at is a very busy one, a connector stop, so smashing into people is an easy thing to do. this woman was walking with force, with conviction, through the station and smashed into the guy in front of me twirling him slightly to the left. he looked back at her as if to say "what's the deal bitch?" then she decided to fix the hood on her baby poo green coat and in what seemed like slow motion, her elbows came up into the air just as i was walking by...SMASH! an elbow to the boob.

instinctively i yelled "ow, fuck!" as i looked back...she kept walking, not one glance. of course everyone else was looking at the freak girl swearing her head off at 8:20 in the morning.