Thursday, March 09, 2006

in which i dream of paris

rockin' it
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last night my peaceful slumber was invaded by a horrific, very real feeling dream.

i woke up (as i do in real life) and climbed out of bed to get ready for work. i went into the living room and found paris hilton just waking up from a comfy snooze on my couch. she sauntered past me, all paris hilton like, and jumped in the shower. i ran after her and screamed "what the fuck girl, some of us have to work you know!" i was furious, i stormed over to damian who was still sleeping and whispered loudly "what the shit is paris hilton doing here damian?' to which he replied "she needed a place to stay, it was raining out".

and as if it couldn't get more annoying, she ended up joing a group of us in a bubble bath hot tub party and didn't bring drinks. bitch.