Tuesday, March 28, 2006

in which the classics are re-born

imogen (side)
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kate informed me that 'welcome back kotter' is being turned into a film (no big surprise there really) and that the role of mr. kotter will be played by no other than, should be oscar winner, ice cube!

in honour of that ground breaking news, we took it upon ourselves to cast a few classic films we are sure will fall into remake territory in no time.

1. 'Gone With the wind' starring - Jessica Alba & Justin Timberlake (the screen will surely sizzle)

2. 'Casablanca' starring - Snoop Dog & Paris Hilton (park that shit where it's hot!)

3. 'The Breakfast Club' starring - The Backstreet Boys (no need for actresses for the female roles, these guys can handle it)

4. 'A Streetcar Named Desire' starring - Clay Aiken & Keira Knightly (STELLA!!!)

5. 'The Ten Commandments' starring - JLO, as Moses (no comment)

6. 'To Kill a Mockingbird' starring - Keanu Reeves, Ashley Olsen, and Carrot Top as Boo Radley (Ashley might be a little old for the role but she's good for the "tween" draw at the box office. they can tape her boobs down)

7. 'Chinatown' starring - 50 Cent (no comment)

8. 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' starring - Jessica Simpson

coming soon to a theater near you!

*p.s. painting above is available at wonderlust

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

in which i have performance anxiety

birthday canvas
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here it is, the truth. i can not pee if there is someone else in the washroom. there, i've said it.

of course this only happens in public washrooms as i tend not to have people milling about in there with me while at home. am i alone in this? i don't understand. i could be doing a killer pee dance, dying to go, but as soon as someone else walks in (or if someone else is in there first)...nothing.

p.s. not too sure i like kiwi anymore. i just bit into a slice and really found myself hating the crunch of the wee seeds, kiwi bones. i think i need a vacation.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

in which i dream of paris

rockin' it
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*click photo for explanation*

last night my peaceful slumber was invaded by a horrific, very real feeling dream.

i woke up (as i do in real life) and climbed out of bed to get ready for work. i went into the living room and found paris hilton just waking up from a comfy snooze on my couch. she sauntered past me, all paris hilton like, and jumped in the shower. i ran after her and screamed "what the fuck girl, some of us have to work you know!" i was furious, i stormed over to damian who was still sleeping and whispered loudly "what the shit is paris hilton doing here damian?' to which he replied "she needed a place to stay, it was raining out".

and as if it couldn't get more annoying, she ended up joing a group of us in a bubble bath hot tub party and didn't bring drinks. bitch.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

in which i question my sanity

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minding my own business, working away, i look up from my desk as i hear the "ding" of the elevator chime. someone gets off. i look down again. something catches the corner of my eye, so i look up again just as the elevator doors are sliding shut. i see a panda bear looking at me. the doors close.

so anyway, i've opened up a wee store over at etsy until kate & i get our store up and running again (in a month or so). so my wee store will have art and jewellery for sale, so stop on by wonderlust and have a boo. *piece in photo above, sold*

Friday, March 03, 2006

in which it was my birthday

birthday dessert
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yesterday was my birthday (29) and it was also bon jovi's birthday. i ate the above pictured raspberry dessert and drank australian wine. i do not know what bon jovi did.

i was elbowed in the tit this morning. the stop i get off at is a very busy one, a connector stop, so smashing into people is an easy thing to do. this woman was walking with force, with conviction, through the station and smashed into the guy in front of me twirling him slightly to the left. he looked back at her as if to say "what's the deal bitch?" then she decided to fix the hood on her baby poo green coat and in what seemed like slow motion, her elbows came up into the air just as i was walking by...SMASH! an elbow to the boob.

instinctively i yelled "ow, fuck!" as i looked back...she kept walking, not one glance. of course everyone else was looking at the freak girl swearing her head off at 8:20 in the morning.