Tuesday, February 14, 2006

in which we love

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happy v-day everyone! i hope you all indulge in expensive chocolates and roll around naked on $40 rose petals.

me, i'll be going to yoga with my lover and together we will twist and stretch and sweat in all sorts of directions and feel really good about ourselves for doing something healthy. then we will most likely get something unhealthy to eat for dinner (the Hero burgers across from the yoga studio always tempt him) and curl up in front of a movie. maybe we'll have wine.

i read an article in the paper today about a couple who celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary yesterday. she said the sweetest thing about him:

"he's my hero, my antidote for everything. i mean look at him. who would want anything more? he's straight and well muscled. but i'd love him if he looked like a tramp. he's just my man."

that's more adorable than a basket of kittens.....it comes close anyway.