Monday, February 20, 2006

in which i set adrift on memory bliss

Originally uploaded by sequin faery.

i was over at my parents house this weekend madly looking for my portfolio, which was put away somewhere during their big renovation, and i came across a box filled to the tits with old tapes. we're talking 'candi and the backbeat', 'debbie gibson' ("...electric youth! It’s true you can’t fight it live by it the next’s electric", powerful lyrics man.), 'vanilla ice', 'roxette', cassette singles of 'tommy page', 'm.c. hammer', 'glenn medeiros' (i know, who?).

i also came across some rather boss mixes i made, unfortunately the best one was tapeless...only the case remained. this one had such songs as 'informer' by Snow (i can't believe i just admitted that), 'people everyday' by arrested development, 'rump shaker' (i don't think it was the Wreckx-N-Effect one though, some other song with the same name), and many more that i can't remember but am positive are just as timeless and classic as the others they shared tape with.

oh yeah, on a p.s. note, while i was at the folks AMAZINGLY reno'd house (pics coming soon, possibly later tonight), kate and i sat down at the computer (we were looking for any of my photography that might be on there as i couldn't find my portfolio anywhere...grrr) and re-did this here site. thanks so much kate for making it look wonderlicious, you're the best!!!!