Friday, February 17, 2006

in which i drink a candle and imagine grass

Originally uploaded by sequin faery.

it never fails, i stray from the usual and make a cup of fruity flavoured tea (in this case 'passion' tea from starbucks) and it tastes like i'm drinking melted fruit scented candle wax...or what i imagine melted fruit scented candle wax would taste like as i haven't actually had the pleasure of drinking it(or eating it, whatever). lesson learned: stick to the frigin green tea amanda!

fridays, how i adore them so. it's supposed to be a cold weekend and i was looking forward to hitting the outdoors with camera in hand. the winter blahs are settling in and i long for days of dry pavement, non winter boot footwear, cool breezes (not cold breezes), sweaters (or sassy light leather jackets that scream "grrr i'm sexy") instead of parkas, hair blowing in the wind rather than trapped under a hat, that wet earthy smell that fortells grass....