Monday, February 27, 2006

in which i think out loud

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i was eating a bagel from tim horton's this morning and found a hair on it. what's the deal with hair being in my food? this one was worse than the krispie square one though, it had a split end.

i feel off today. i feel like maybe my life doesn't have balance in it. i don't like feeling like this. i want to go home. i want to sleep.

the cats woke us up around 2:30 this morning by knocking things over while chasing each other around the apartment. the littlest one, Poe, took a chunk out of damian's hand when he tried to pick her up (she was scared from the noise, she's not a man-eater).

i haven't had a good cry in a while, maybe that's it. or maybe it's the february blahs combined with a monday.

i have a hair in my shirt (my own hair...i hope) and it's tickling my boob. i can't get it out because i'm at reception and no one needs a gander at my ladies.

i'm turning 29 on thursday. i'm toggling between doing nothing and gathering up a few people and heading out to some loungy bar somewhere. either friday or saturday but kate & kevin wouldn't be able to come on saturday. maybe i'll throw caution to the wind and do it on thursday, my actual day, and not worry if i'm slightly hung at work the next day.

oooo, maybe c'est what? for a loungy round of drinks on my b-day. sit by the fire on the couches and chill out.

this movie looks pee pants funny!

i should buy flowers on the way home. i can already see them knocked over by the kittens.

work on the collage idea tonight or the jewellery idea? jewellery i think, don't feel like cleaning kitty paint paw prints off the carpet.

wanna johari me?

getting my eyebrows done tonight, probably a great time to do it since i feel so numb.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

in which my nose tumbles down

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am i getting a cold? is it allergies? whatever it is it's causing my nose to be raw with a constant drip. i look rather beautiful right now as i type this with kleenex corks jammed up each nostril...prrr.

A Couple of Things I......

want to eat/drink:
~ a pint of raspberries
~ this beautiful tea
~ a cupcake

want to see
~ this documentary
~ leaves, green ones

Thursday, February 23, 2006

in which i eat a strangers hair

time limit
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there i was, sitting at my desk snacking on a rice krispie square from starbucks, commenting to myself on how oily it was leaving my fingers. upon my next bite i felt something odd in my mouth, something tugging at my tongue, wrapping around it. i knew what it was in an instant and spit the piece out. a hair, mixed right in there all comfy cozy with the marshmallow and crisps.

*the above piece was featured in a gallery at work the other day along with another piece of mine...weee, hoorah, my first exhibit! ha ha*

Monday, February 20, 2006

in which i set adrift on memory bliss

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i was over at my parents house this weekend madly looking for my portfolio, which was put away somewhere during their big renovation, and i came across a box filled to the tits with old tapes. we're talking 'candi and the backbeat', 'debbie gibson' ("...electric youth! It’s true you can’t fight it live by it the next’s electric", powerful lyrics man.), 'vanilla ice', 'roxette', cassette singles of 'tommy page', 'm.c. hammer', 'glenn medeiros' (i know, who?).

i also came across some rather boss mixes i made, unfortunately the best one was tapeless...only the case remained. this one had such songs as 'informer' by Snow (i can't believe i just admitted that), 'people everyday' by arrested development, 'rump shaker' (i don't think it was the Wreckx-N-Effect one though, some other song with the same name), and many more that i can't remember but am positive are just as timeless and classic as the others they shared tape with.

oh yeah, on a p.s. note, while i was at the folks AMAZINGLY reno'd house (pics coming soon, possibly later tonight), kate and i sat down at the computer (we were looking for any of my photography that might be on there as i couldn't find my portfolio anywhere...grrr) and re-did this here site. thanks so much kate for making it look wonderlicious, you're the best!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

in which i drink a candle and imagine grass

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it never fails, i stray from the usual and make a cup of fruity flavoured tea (in this case 'passion' tea from starbucks) and it tastes like i'm drinking melted fruit scented candle wax...or what i imagine melted fruit scented candle wax would taste like as i haven't actually had the pleasure of drinking it(or eating it, whatever). lesson learned: stick to the frigin green tea amanda!

fridays, how i adore them so. it's supposed to be a cold weekend and i was looking forward to hitting the outdoors with camera in hand. the winter blahs are settling in and i long for days of dry pavement, non winter boot footwear, cool breezes (not cold breezes), sweaters (or sassy light leather jackets that scream "grrr i'm sexy") instead of parkas, hair blowing in the wind rather than trapped under a hat, that wet earthy smell that fortells grass....

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

in which things turned out differently

victoria sunshine
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we didn't end up at yoga last night, damian's friend kevin came over and we watched 'memento' instead. actually, i painted while they watched. i've seen that movie so many times i don't have to pay attention to follow what's going on.

i need more time. when i get home (6-ish) i should head upstairs to do some cardio etc. yet the motivation just isn't there, i'd rather paint. i haven't even been eating properly, i just hit the art stuff.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

in which we love

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happy v-day everyone! i hope you all indulge in expensive chocolates and roll around naked on $40 rose petals.

me, i'll be going to yoga with my lover and together we will twist and stretch and sweat in all sorts of directions and feel really good about ourselves for doing something healthy. then we will most likely get something unhealthy to eat for dinner (the Hero burgers across from the yoga studio always tempt him) and curl up in front of a movie. maybe we'll have wine.

i read an article in the paper today about a couple who celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary yesterday. she said the sweetest thing about him:

"he's my hero, my antidote for everything. i mean look at him. who would want anything more? he's straight and well muscled. but i'd love him if he looked like a tramp. he's just my man."

that's more adorable than a basket of comes close anyway.