Friday, January 06, 2006

in which we act like idiots

Originally uploaded by sequin faery.

last night i went out to dinner with the fam to say cheerio to my grandparents who are heading back to florida today. we went to a restaurant at the end of the street my parents live on and had some booze for dinner. ok, there was food too but it didn't have the same effect on us as the booze did.

kevin decided to show us a trick to find out how you'll look when you're old (pictures are in my flickr album), we drank some more, kevin ordered a dish called the "farmers sausage" and many lude comments went back and forth (you have to know my family...EVERYONE gets in on it. i get my best dirty jokes from my grandpa), we drank some more.

kate, kevin, and i walked home as the folks and grandparents drove and took more silly photos. digital cameras and booze are a wonderfully frightening duo!