Sunday, January 29, 2006

in which my boobs reject calvin

after yoga
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Dear Mr. Klein,

This afternoon I went shopping for work clothes and the bras to go underneath them. I am not a fan of bra shopping, it's just not fun and the cutest ones are always for the girls who could quite comfortably go sans bra. Anyway, I am straying from my point.

I tried on one of your "perfect fit" bras and let me tell you, it was not the perfect fit sir. I suppose the potential was there but in all honesty, us girls don't need our boobies to be encased in what would appear to be a bullet proof foam.

Now, to be fair I did end up buying another one of your bras with no foam what-so-ever (a rare find) and it's quite lovely. If you could please spread the word to any bra makers you know, less foam!

Thank you kindly,