Tuesday, January 10, 2006

in which i say ewww

Originally uploaded by sequin faery.

i'm so glad i decided not to take that second inhale whilst passing by the row of sticky garbage cans on the street.

so anyway, i just got back from a "kinda" interview at a placement agency. i'm not all over those places due to the fact that you have to do testing. i'm horrid in test situations. not that these are intense tests, it's just that, well, i drift off if i don't care about it. i've always been like that too, no matter how much i try to concentrate i end up drifting off and thinking about art ideas or stupid things like what clouds taste like.

honestly, i'm not cut out for the 9-5 world of office imprisonment. while doing it in the past (and it's all i've ever done) i would be on the internet any sneaky chance i got researching art and photography techniques. anyway...la dee da.

* art above is for a CD i made for Mati *