Monday, January 30, 2006

in which i listen to the stars

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today's thought in the horoscope section of the paper:

Today is Day 2 of the new moon phase, so make a note in your diary about your ideas, conversations and plans. Watch them take root through the new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter.

i'll admit i believe in horoscopes, especially when they're good! if it says "pisces: you will have the worst day of your life when an anvil smishes your baby toe" then i tend to just pass it off as fluff. if however it were to say "pisces: glorious things await you. an unexpected visitor brings good news of riches" then hey, i'm all over it waiting for that stranger to show up.

anyways, back to the thought of the day. i believe in this, writing things (dreams, goals, etc.) down to make them happen. it has worked for me in the past and for some reason i've only ever done it that once. today's thought has inspired me to do it my sketchbook/journal (so i can make it arty, therefore making it that much more powerful....hopefully!)