Tuesday, January 03, 2006

in which i curse the aptly named vaccum

Originally uploaded by sequin faery.

believe it or not i drew the red bits onto the photo, no really, i know it looks like it came like that but no, my photoshop skills are THAT good!

anyway, i'm tempted to send this vacuum back to whatever pit of hell it came from. ones feet become the target for whatever pieces of crumb it sucks up and fires right back out again out the back. how can this even be possible? was it not tested before being put on the market? maybe it was a case of:

guy 1: "ladies like to vacuum right? they get a charge from it, a sense of accomplishment?"

guy 2: "they sure do, where are you going with this?"

guy 1: "this is what i'm thinking right. what if, now i'm just throwing this out there, what IF, the vacuum throws out the dust and particles it just vacuumed up?"

guy 2: "you mean, once it's sucked up it comes back out and has to be vacuumed up again?"

guy 1: "YES, that's exactly what i'm saying"

guy 2: "that is the most brilliant idea this company has ever heard of. guy 1, tomorrow when you come to work look for your name under the title of Vice President."