Thursday, January 12, 2006

in which i am humped by a female dog

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damian got word today that he nailed a job interview he went to a couple weeks ago, he starts monday. so i put aside the paints and we went for a drive to look at houses OUT of the city. we had a few in mind that we had seen on the MLS website so we printed the maps and headed out into the spring-like weather.

our first stop was Bolton where we found a glorious house i fell in love with. it was right beside the one that was for sale, the one we made the trip for. unfortunately the glorious one was not for sale. we decided to visit a friend of damian's who lives in Bolton in a bloody mansion. his wife dogsits on the side and a wee curly black dog named "molly" was currently in residence. molly took a liking to me, she followed me around everywhere and if i stopped petting her for even a second she would climb up my leg and hump it. yes, SHE would hump it.

i was told she did this to get attention, she's a sucky dog who likes to be held. i picked her up and ended up carrying her around as we toured the house. i know i didn't need to but i'm a sucker for animals and i spoil the shit out of them.

back to the houses. we picked up a real estate brochure and flipped through it when we got home....that's when we found it. staring back at us was it, the dream, the ultimate, the too far away we just can't do it so i'm going to cry myself to sleep tonight house. the master bedroom has a fireplace and an open turret for crying out loud, it's even in our price range. it would be a 2 hour commute for damian to work and there's no way he wants to do that (which i understand).

how can i let someone else buy my house????? sure, i haven't seen the inside in person but i have seen interior shots on the realtors site (can't link to it directly though so i "borrowed" a couple images):

master bedroom


it's a little on the dark side but that can be changed with a coat of paint and the removal of the current owners stuff. why the hell am i so excited about it? it's not going to happen.

i weep.