Friday, January 20, 2006

in which geddy and i are beautified

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i did it, i went and got myself a job. on monday i will be entering the 9-5 world...wait, actually, it's 9:30-5:30 so it's a completely different world. finally i will NOT have a long streetcar/subway/bus commute, instead i have a quick zip up a few stations on the subway and i'm there. i'll be doing what i always do, reception work, but this time i think the company will be a lot of fun (i hope it will anyway). i am now employed by an advertising agency. as i was doing the above mentioned "zip" on the subway towards my second interview i decided to write down thoughts that were going through my head.

thoughts on the subway
* that lady has mcdonald's, i could go for an egg mcmuffin
* this drink tastes hideous with the remnants of toothpaste in my mouth
* starting to get more nervous. 4 stops to go
* i should pick up damian's pants at harry rosen
* the lady beside me (not the mcd's lady) should learn to chew with her mouth closed. i'm seriously getting repulsed my the chewy, smacking, saliva sound
* i hope i don't fart in the interview
* i hope these shoes aren't to casual
* 2 more stops....butterflies are swarming
* i think i might need to buy makeup, i don't wear makeup
* next stop is mine. i'm pretty early
* (upon seeing a movie poster) mmmmm, harrison ford. i love han solo

in the interview (waiting for next person to see me)
* i think this job is mine and i'm getting scared. what if i screw up? what if they hate me? what if it's all too much, too big?
* relax, it's a reception position and they'll love you like you love han solo.
* i'm going shopping after this if i get the gig. WORK CLOTHES....gotta look snazzy
* one more person to meet
* hope they tell me if it's mine today because i have an interview at alliance atlantis tomorrow. if i can skip the whole interview process then i'm a happy girl
* i'm getting hungry
* yoga on tuesday has made me stiffer than a 13 year old boy watching Porky's

back on the subway
* i liked that last guy, he was funny
* they'll let me know today for sure

so those are the rambles of me, how riveting. oh yeah, i went and got my hair all chopped for the new job and 2 chairs over from me was hard rockin' bassist geddy lee. he was getting highlights.