Tuesday, January 31, 2006

in which he remains a soprano

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my poor little beastie is going under the knife today to have his personals removed. i feel so mean but if we don't do it we'll have to deal with his royal horny-ness spraying all over the apartment (not a pretty image).

damian is actually picking him up at 4:30 so as i type this the ordeal has already ended, by now he is officially a unich.

i hope it doesn't change his lovable attitude, i hope he doesn't turn into a grumpy old bitter cat who sits on the couch and gives cut-eye to anyone who dares to look in his general direction.

Monday, January 30, 2006

in which i listen to the stars

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today's thought in the horoscope section of the paper:

Today is Day 2 of the new moon phase, so make a note in your diary about your ideas, conversations and plans. Watch them take root through the new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter.

i'll admit i believe in horoscopes, especially when they're good! if it says "pisces: you will have the worst day of your life when an anvil smishes your baby toe" then i tend to just pass it off as fluff. if however it were to say "pisces: glorious things await you. an unexpected visitor brings good news of riches" then hey, i'm all over it waiting for that stranger to show up.

anyways, back to the thought of the day. i believe in this, writing things (dreams, goals, etc.) down to make them happen. it has worked for me in the past and for some reason i've only ever done it that once. today's thought has inspired me to do it again...in my sketchbook/journal (so i can make it arty, therefore making it that much more powerful....hopefully!)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

in which my boobs reject calvin

after yoga
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Dear Mr. Klein,

This afternoon I went shopping for work clothes and the bras to go underneath them. I am not a fan of bra shopping, it's just not fun and the cutest ones are always for the girls who could quite comfortably go sans bra. Anyway, I am straying from my point.

I tried on one of your "perfect fit" bras and let me tell you, it was not the perfect fit sir. I suppose the potential was there but in all honesty, us girls don't need our boobies to be encased in what would appear to be a bullet proof foam.

Now, to be fair I did end up buying another one of your bras with no foam what-so-ever (a rare find) and it's quite lovely. If you could please spread the word to any bra makers you know, less foam!

Thank you kindly,

Friday, January 27, 2006

in which my toes scream uncle

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my feet are not used to these blasted high heels! they're begging to be slid into their familiar resting place which is located in my boots.

let me pose this question unto you,
why is it so difficult to find a nice pair of chocolate brown shoes? seriously, i've been to way too many shoe stores in the past week or so and i hate shoe shopping more than i hate onions...no wait, there's no way that can be true. anyway, everything brown i've seen is like a poo shade (and not a healthy balanced diet full of fibre poo shade either, i think i could deal with that shade if chocolate is not available).

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

in which i finish my first day

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as i walked out of the elevator after my first day at the new job, i looked across the lobby and saw damian sitting on a bench. it was the sweetest thing, in his hand were 2 roses.

what a great way to end my day.

Friday, January 20, 2006

in which geddy and i are beautified

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i did it, i went and got myself a job. on monday i will be entering the 9-5 world...wait, actually, it's 9:30-5:30 so it's a completely different world. finally i will NOT have a long streetcar/subway/bus commute, instead i have a quick zip up a few stations on the subway and i'm there. i'll be doing what i always do, reception work, but this time i think the company will be a lot of fun (i hope it will anyway). i am now employed by an advertising agency. as i was doing the above mentioned "zip" on the subway towards my second interview i decided to write down thoughts that were going through my head.

thoughts on the subway
* that lady has mcdonald's, i could go for an egg mcmuffin
* this drink tastes hideous with the remnants of toothpaste in my mouth
* starting to get more nervous. 4 stops to go
* i should pick up damian's pants at harry rosen
* the lady beside me (not the mcd's lady) should learn to chew with her mouth closed. i'm seriously getting repulsed my the chewy, smacking, saliva sound
* i hope i don't fart in the interview
* i hope these shoes aren't to casual
* 2 more stops....butterflies are swarming
* i think i might need to buy makeup, i don't wear makeup
* next stop is mine. i'm pretty early
* (upon seeing a movie poster) mmmmm, harrison ford. i love han solo

in the interview (waiting for next person to see me)
* i think this job is mine and i'm getting scared. what if i screw up? what if they hate me? what if it's all too much, too big?
* relax, it's a reception position and they'll love you like you love han solo.
* i'm going shopping after this if i get the gig. WORK CLOTHES....gotta look snazzy
* one more person to meet
* hope they tell me if it's mine today because i have an interview at alliance atlantis tomorrow. if i can skip the whole interview process then i'm a happy girl
* i'm getting hungry
* yoga on tuesday has made me stiffer than a 13 year old boy watching Porky's

back on the subway
* i liked that last guy, he was funny
* they'll let me know today for sure

so those are the rambles of me, how riveting. oh yeah, i went and got my hair all chopped for the new job and 2 chairs over from me was hard rockin' bassist geddy lee. he was getting highlights.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

self portrait tuesday - personal history

self portrait tuesday - personal history
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come and say it to my face, i will totally take you down in my strawberry shortcake tee. grrr.

in which i rouge

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contrary to popular belief, painting behind a toilet is NOT fun.

painting a bachelor apartment with a kitten on the premises is not an easy task. there's nowhere to put him so he won't get paint all over him. currently he has red whiskers.

tonight damian and i are heading to yoga with daren and matthew. i haven't been to yoga in ages, i'm going to be a sad site as i try to bend over to get near my toes. i'm looking forward to hurting tomorrow and the next day and however long my muscles decide to take to get over it.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

in which a plastic bag creates a superhero

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wherever there is injustice, he will be there. whenever there is tyranny in the world, he will be there. wherever a shiny object casts a reflection he will sure as shit be THERE!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

in which i am humped by a female dog

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damian got word today that he nailed a job interview he went to a couple weeks ago, he starts monday. so i put aside the paints and we went for a drive to look at houses OUT of the city. we had a few in mind that we had seen on the MLS website so we printed the maps and headed out into the spring-like weather.

our first stop was Bolton where we found a glorious house i fell in love with. it was right beside the one that was for sale, the one we made the trip for. unfortunately the glorious one was not for sale. we decided to visit a friend of damian's who lives in Bolton in a bloody mansion. his wife dogsits on the side and a wee curly black dog named "molly" was currently in residence. molly took a liking to me, she followed me around everywhere and if i stopped petting her for even a second she would climb up my leg and hump it. yes, SHE would hump it.

i was told she did this to get attention, she's a sucky dog who likes to be held. i picked her up and ended up carrying her around as we toured the house. i know i didn't need to but i'm a sucker for animals and i spoil the shit out of them.

back to the houses. we picked up a real estate brochure and flipped through it when we got home....that's when we found it. staring back at us was it, the dream, the ultimate, the too far away we just can't do it so i'm going to cry myself to sleep tonight house. the master bedroom has a fireplace and an open turret for crying out loud, it's even in our price range. it would be a 2 hour commute for damian to work and there's no way he wants to do that (which i understand).

how can i let someone else buy my house????? sure, i haven't seen the inside in person but i have seen interior shots on the realtors site (can't link to it directly though so i "borrowed" a couple images):

master bedroom


it's a little on the dark side but that can be changed with a coat of paint and the removal of the current owners stuff. why the hell am i so excited about it? it's not going to happen.

i weep.

in which curiosity didn't kill the cat but could give him the runs

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i've been playing in paint all day and managed to finish a piece for kate (you'll be getting it next time i see you dearest).

toulouse drinks my paint water. even though his very own water bowl sits no more than 3-5 feet away, he chooses mine. i really don't mind as long as it's fresh and there's no paint wash in it. hard to keep him out of it really, he's EXTREMELY curious and cares not about getting damp in the slightest.

crap, i swear i had something to write about but as soon as my fingers dusted the keys.....all thoughts vanished.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

in which i say ewww

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i'm so glad i decided not to take that second inhale whilst passing by the row of sticky garbage cans on the street.

so anyway, i just got back from a "kinda" interview at a placement agency. i'm not all over those places due to the fact that you have to do testing. i'm horrid in test situations. not that these are intense tests, it's just that, well, i drift off if i don't care about it. i've always been like that too, no matter how much i try to concentrate i end up drifting off and thinking about art ideas or stupid things like what clouds taste like.

honestly, i'm not cut out for the 9-5 world of office imprisonment. while doing it in the past (and it's all i've ever done) i would be on the internet any sneaky chance i got researching art and photography techniques. anyway...la dee da.

* art above is for a CD i made for Mati *

Monday, January 09, 2006

in which i build an addiction

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i finished this one last night, not the greatest but they'll get better. i'm addicted!

today i hope to find a few things i have yet to find to help my addiction along, to help it become stronger. this will require a trip to the hardware store, maybe i should bring damian along....boys so love hardware stores. i'm sure he would have no problems browsing the tools while i gather my goodies up.

Friday, January 06, 2006

in which we act like idiots

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last night i went out to dinner with the fam to say cheerio to my grandparents who are heading back to florida today. we went to a restaurant at the end of the street my parents live on and had some booze for dinner. ok, there was food too but it didn't have the same effect on us as the booze did.

kevin decided to show us a trick to find out how you'll look when you're old (pictures are in my flickr album), we drank some more, kevin ordered a dish called the "farmers sausage" and many lude comments went back and forth (you have to know my family...EVERYONE gets in on it. i get my best dirty jokes from my grandpa), we drank some more.

kate, kevin, and i walked home as the folks and grandparents drove and took more silly photos. digital cameras and booze are a wonderfully frightening duo!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

in which i curse the aptly named vaccum

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believe it or not i drew the red bits onto the photo, no really, i know it looks like it came like that but no, my photoshop skills are THAT good!

anyway, i'm tempted to send this vacuum back to whatever pit of hell it came from. ones feet become the target for whatever pieces of crumb it sucks up and fires right back out again out the back. how can this even be possible? was it not tested before being put on the market? maybe it was a case of:

guy 1: "ladies like to vacuum right? they get a charge from it, a sense of accomplishment?"

guy 2: "they sure do, where are you going with this?"

guy 1: "this is what i'm thinking right. what if, now i'm just throwing this out there, what IF, the vacuum throws out the dust and particles it just vacuumed up?"

guy 2: "you mean, once it's sucked up it comes back out and has to be vacuumed up again?"

guy 1: "YES, that's exactly what i'm saying"

guy 2: "that is the most brilliant idea this company has ever heard of. guy 1, tomorrow when you come to work look for your name under the title of Vice President."

in which we do groceries (we hate doing groceries)

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they were out of everything. i like my orange juice with loads of pulp but i had to settle for pulpless.....crimony!

we're all stocked up with healthy eats now though, i think i'm lacking in veggies....i'm actually craving them. my body is used to chocolate, cookies, and candy right now and it might not like the absence of it. i'll have to lock myself in a room for a few days while i go through the DT's. i'm ready for the sweats, the hallucinations, the denial of my bodies strong desire for all things sugar. i can kick this habit!

Monday, January 02, 2006

in which i provide moral support

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damian had a job interview today and i went with him for moral support. i waited in the car with chilly hands, my sketchbook, and a pen, this is what came of the wait.