Wednesday, December 28, 2005

t'was a merry christmas

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santa has given up on the sleigh, he now drives a white perv van with tinted windows. i know this because he almost ran me down with it when i tried to cross the street. maybe it was his evil twin.

so christmas this year was pretty good, i find myself the owner of a sabrina ward harrison print (i cried when i opened it....thank you SO much damian!!!!!), a razr (in silver), a gorgeous green box which held a bottle of perrier jouet and 2 glasses (mom and dad know me too well, art nouveau and champers!), a whole whack load of mad libs from kate and kevin (kate and i might have a slight addiction to them, it started in childhood and we can't seem to stop), fun and funky (and damn comfy to boot) knickers from my mom-in-law.........the list goes on!

i'm so into my sabrina print, i want more. she inspires me so much and now (once it's hung in the perfect place) all i have to do is look at the wall if i'm feeling un-creative.