Monday, December 05, 2005

tug tug, grow damn it!

i want my hair to be longer, this whole waiting process is getting out of hand. i figure the more i pull on it, the faster it will i've always hated the way i look with long hair but that's because i never really had it cut/styled to look good, it always just hung there. i don't think i've ever had it past shoulder length.

my reason for wanting longer hair is slightly silly, i just think it looks so much better when wearing cute wooly hats in the winter. currently just a bit sticks out. i also want to be able to toss it up in some form of ponytail/bun thing when the idea of washing it becomes too strenuous. i really just want it longer for a new look, the hat thing is very minor, i swear. should i do extensions??? will they destroy my hair? anyone know anything about extensions (like where a good place to go in toronto would be)?

my ass is beyond numb as i sit on the edge of this chair due to the fact that Toulouse is slowly pushing me off. this is HIS chair!