Sunday, December 11, 2005

make mine a kir royale

kir royale
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yesterday damian & i went over to visit his parents and i ended up with a kir royale in my hands (and then i ended up with another one after that). i love these drinks, in fact i'm having one right now. we have left over champers in the fridge from daren's birthday and we have some cassis as well....why the hell not make a cocktail?

when i was in France visiting my dad, stepmom & brother so many years ago, i went on what we later dubbed, "the kir crawl", with my stepmom. i think i was about 17 or 18 at the time and we had a blast.

we were living on a house boat for a week, floating along rivers and mooring in different towns and villages. one particular night after we had tied up the boat, we headed out for a dinner of galettes and discovered many pubs and cafes along the riverbank. we decided a pub crawl was in order. even though iain was in his single digits he was allowed into the pubs where he hustled the locals in games of pool. we drank. kate and our dad drank various different beers and edna & i hit the kir. we weren't full on snooty drinking kir royales....we just had plain old kir. we ended up stealing a glass per pub for memories sake and stumbling back to the boat along a stone road singing and laughing.

perhaps this is why i'm so fond of the drink (in it's royale form or not), it brings back gorgeous memories.