Friday, December 30, 2005

brand spanking new

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damian and i pooled our christmas money together and (finally) bought a new digital camera! this thing is small and light and actually fits in my pocket. our old one is about 6 years old and is a clunker.

we're thinking of moving out of the city, we want some quiet. i adore the city but living directly across from, yet another, condo being constructed and all of the rest of the unavoidable LOUD construction everywhere you go makes us want to leave. besides, maybe i'll appreciate it more if i use it as a destination to visit every so often rather than live in. sure everything is convenient but there's a lot to be said for relaxed shoulders and sanity.

today we took a nice drive and looked at dream houses. our main destination was Flesherton where i saw a photo of a house i fell in love with posted outside of the royal lepage offices. of course there was no adress info, no MLS#, nothing! so we grabbed the real estate paper, went to Aggie's Cafe for a bite, and flipped through it. i circled SO many homes yet none of them were the one i saw hanging behind glass oustide the offices.

i must find this house!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

t'was a merry christmas

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santa has given up on the sleigh, he now drives a white perv van with tinted windows. i know this because he almost ran me down with it when i tried to cross the street. maybe it was his evil twin.

so christmas this year was pretty good, i find myself the owner of a sabrina ward harrison print (i cried when i opened it....thank you SO much damian!!!!!), a razr (in silver), a gorgeous green box which held a bottle of perrier jouet and 2 glasses (mom and dad know me too well, art nouveau and champers!), a whole whack load of mad libs from kate and kevin (kate and i might have a slight addiction to them, it started in childhood and we can't seem to stop), fun and funky (and damn comfy to boot) knickers from my mom-in-law.........the list goes on!

i'm so into my sabrina print, i want more. she inspires me so much and now (once it's hung in the perfect place) all i have to do is look at the wall if i'm feeling un-creative.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

self portrait tuesday

self portrait tuesday
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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

self portrait tuesday

self portrait tuesday
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fun with photoshop


thought i'd create something to send to kate at work to make her laugh. now i'm off to hit the chilly air with mittened hands and my H&M parka-type coat that leaves feathers all over me. christmas is next saturday, holy crap! i'm almost done with the goodies but there's always more to spoil people with. i love spoiling people!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

make mine a kir royale

kir royale
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yesterday damian & i went over to visit his parents and i ended up with a kir royale in my hands (and then i ended up with another one after that). i love these drinks, in fact i'm having one right now. we have left over champers in the fridge from daren's birthday and we have some cassis as well....why the hell not make a cocktail?

when i was in France visiting my dad, stepmom & brother so many years ago, i went on what we later dubbed, "the kir crawl", with my stepmom. i think i was about 17 or 18 at the time and we had a blast.

we were living on a house boat for a week, floating along rivers and mooring in different towns and villages. one particular night after we had tied up the boat, we headed out for a dinner of galettes and discovered many pubs and cafes along the riverbank. we decided a pub crawl was in order. even though iain was in his single digits he was allowed into the pubs where he hustled the locals in games of pool. we drank. kate and our dad drank various different beers and edna & i hit the kir. we weren't full on snooty drinking kir royales....we just had plain old kir. we ended up stealing a glass per pub for memories sake and stumbling back to the boat along a stone road singing and laughing.

perhaps this is why i'm so fond of the drink (in it's royale form or not), it brings back gorgeous memories.

a long ago quote

about a month ago i saw a question and answer type of short that was played between shows on the documentary channel. i just found the piece of paper i scribbled a quote on.

a series of questions are asked to a writer and the one i caught was with alexander mccall smith. one of the questions asked him where his ideal place to live would be. he described a beautiful village and went into all sorts of delicious description, this was in no means a quick answer, a lot of thought had gone into it. with a smile he said "...and angels crossing over the sky occasionally, just occasionally". i love that!


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we put our tree up! we picked it up at the market and it smells glorious!!!

Monday, December 05, 2005


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i swear this place is haunted. i keep hearing noises INSIDE the apartment and toulouse does too. he does that creepy thing where he all of a sudden wakes up and just stares in one direction with huge eyes....freak me right out kitty!

anyway, this post was more to test uploading a photo from Flickr.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

tug tug, grow damn it!

i want my hair to be longer, this whole waiting process is getting out of hand. i figure the more i pull on it, the faster it will i've always hated the way i look with long hair but that's because i never really had it cut/styled to look good, it always just hung there. i don't think i've ever had it past shoulder length.

my reason for wanting longer hair is slightly silly, i just think it looks so much better when wearing cute wooly hats in the winter. currently just a bit sticks out. i also want to be able to toss it up in some form of ponytail/bun thing when the idea of washing it becomes too strenuous. i really just want it longer for a new look, the hat thing is very minor, i swear. should i do extensions??? will they destroy my hair? anyone know anything about extensions (like where a good place to go in toronto would be)?

my ass is beyond numb as i sit on the edge of this chair due to the fact that Toulouse is slowly pushing me off. this is HIS chair!


i finally made an account on Flickr. i got the old digital camera up and running again. this thing is about 5 or 6 years old and it's huge compared to what's out there now. i'd like a new (smaller) one.

i took it out on saturday night to Daren's birthday dinner at 'hair of the dog' (go there, it was so quaint, and yummy, and all things good....425 church st. north of carlton. get off the subway at college and walk east)

see more pics here

Thursday, December 01, 2005

befitting of his name


i got my sketchbook out to play with an idea and Toulouse was on it in no time. i put it on the floor (where i like to draw etc., i love laying on the floor) and faster than i could say boobies, he was sitting on it. he got more involved when the pencils came out.

i plan on doing a bunch of paintings with what i used tonight, i really like how it looks.

quick and fun. i'm just glad i put pen & such to paper, who cares what comes out.

something i did a few weeks ago.