Monday, November 21, 2005

obnoxious vampires

fleas, damn hell ass fleas! the poor little guy (who almost has a name....i'm leaning towards Toulouse) is being eaten alive by the thirsty blood suckers. hopefully i can set up a vet appointment for TODAY (we don't have a vet yet as we've only had the guy for a few days) because i can't sleep! this is why i've been up since about 4:30. little Toulouse(?)likes to sleep all curled up beside me (awwww) and tends to wake me in the middle of the night with bouts of lovable purring. he bashes his head into my face and jumps all over me wanting attention, which i can't ignore (or resist) so i give in. this time though, all i could think of with each head bash, "fleas in my mouth, fleas in my ears". *shudder*.

i read a tip that fleas don't like salt and one could put salt on any carpets or rugs in the house to kill the bastards. so i did that. now there's salt everywhere which i have to leave for a day or so and then vacuum up. when the questionably named, Toulouse, was in his lovable mood my hand touched the area where he had been sleeping most of the night (i tried to keep him off the bed but it was no use) and all i could feel was little crumb-like bits. "oh dear god!" i thought "flea poo everywhere...ewwwww". so i jumped out of bed and took him to the bathroom to brush him again which is where i realized the majority of the crumb-like bits was probably salt off of his paws. anyway, i'm still up and i'm sure i will be for the rest of the night, morning, whatever. pictures:


this is where he likes to lie when the computer is in use (this is where he is sleeping right at this very moment as i type this). is that my visa behind him? dammit, he better not be charging his internet porn subscriptions to it.


one of his favourite toys, my bra. it's old, i gave it to him....for keeps.


he attacks the computer chair (it had it coming)


i opened the fridge to get something to drink, i turned my head for a second, and found this upon my return. i think he's wondering where all the food is, why the hell this thing is so empty.


yup, seems like there was nothing of interest to him. sure there's a plethora of macintosh apples but come on, boring!