Thursday, November 17, 2005

the nameless feline


i got a kitty!!!! he's the same kitty as the one in the dishwasher below but now he's mine. he's about 4 month old and has gone that long sans nomenclature. the poor little guy needs a name, why is this so hard? kate seems to think he should be called Lord Manfred of the Casbah but i have a feeling that will prove to be quite the challenge when he starts to learn how to write his name in kindergarten.

i have scratches all over me, my hands are shredded. he tried climbing me this morning, managed to get to my left hip when his dagger of a toenail sunk into my skin and i shrieked in pain. he climbed down then just sat there looking at me.

*note: photo was taken after he had just woken up, he's not really as pissed off as he looks*