Wednesday, November 23, 2005

cat lady

here we go again, more cat pictures. but before i do that i have to squeak with excitement at the prospect of torontos first winter storm. they say it'll hit tonight dumping 5-15cm on it! make it 15! it's been teasing us lately, snow flurries here and there but tonight, tonight is the sugar on top.

i plan on doing christmas shopping tomorrow, snow always puts me in the festive spirit. today i'm going to hit the signatures show which i love, i always find at least one gift there. something gross though is the delicious food booths, allow me to explain. there are some wonderful foods at the show, dips, jams, hot chocolate, etc. anyway, they always have samples out and there is always hoards of people standing around them pigging out. it's a turn-off. i actually saw one lady grab a handful of pretzel sticks (used for tasting the dips) and walk away munching on them. people get so disgusting around "free" stuff.

anyway, cat time....Toulouse is his official name!

whenever i have a glass of wine he stares at me as if to say "i'll shit on your pillow if you don't give me some" and he sniffs damian's beer bottle (and licks the top of it). so i think Toulouse is a pretty fitting name, i mean look at his absinthe eyes.

he's getting better with the use of his claws, he seems to know when he's on skin and doesn't sink those daggers in as much, still pretty vicious though.

if the computer is in use he's generally sitting on the table. he's discovered movement on the screen and attacks the cursor as it trails along the page. he's becoming a computer geek.

strike a pose. show me sexy.