Friday, November 25, 2005

yum city

i found a delicious iced green tea the other day that actually tastes like (cold) green tea. i got the honey jasmine flavour. best part, it's a canadian company

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

cat lady

here we go again, more cat pictures. but before i do that i have to squeak with excitement at the prospect of torontos first winter storm. they say it'll hit tonight dumping 5-15cm on it! make it 15! it's been teasing us lately, snow flurries here and there but tonight, tonight is the sugar on top.

i plan on doing christmas shopping tomorrow, snow always puts me in the festive spirit. today i'm going to hit the signatures show which i love, i always find at least one gift there. something gross though is the delicious food booths, allow me to explain. there are some wonderful foods at the show, dips, jams, hot chocolate, etc. anyway, they always have samples out and there is always hoards of people standing around them pigging out. it's a turn-off. i actually saw one lady grab a handful of pretzel sticks (used for tasting the dips) and walk away munching on them. people get so disgusting around "free" stuff.

anyway, cat time....Toulouse is his official name!

whenever i have a glass of wine he stares at me as if to say "i'll shit on your pillow if you don't give me some" and he sniffs damian's beer bottle (and licks the top of it). so i think Toulouse is a pretty fitting name, i mean look at his absinthe eyes.

he's getting better with the use of his claws, he seems to know when he's on skin and doesn't sink those daggers in as much, still pretty vicious though.

if the computer is in use he's generally sitting on the table. he's discovered movement on the screen and attacks the cursor as it trails along the page. he's becoming a computer geek.

strike a pose. show me sexy.

Monday, November 21, 2005

obnoxious vampires

fleas, damn hell ass fleas! the poor little guy (who almost has a name....i'm leaning towards Toulouse) is being eaten alive by the thirsty blood suckers. hopefully i can set up a vet appointment for TODAY (we don't have a vet yet as we've only had the guy for a few days) because i can't sleep! this is why i've been up since about 4:30. little Toulouse(?)likes to sleep all curled up beside me (awwww) and tends to wake me in the middle of the night with bouts of lovable purring. he bashes his head into my face and jumps all over me wanting attention, which i can't ignore (or resist) so i give in. this time though, all i could think of with each head bash, "fleas in my mouth, fleas in my ears". *shudder*.

i read a tip that fleas don't like salt and one could put salt on any carpets or rugs in the house to kill the bastards. so i did that. now there's salt everywhere which i have to leave for a day or so and then vacuum up. when the questionably named, Toulouse, was in his lovable mood my hand touched the area where he had been sleeping most of the night (i tried to keep him off the bed but it was no use) and all i could feel was little crumb-like bits. "oh dear god!" i thought "flea poo everywhere...ewwwww". so i jumped out of bed and took him to the bathroom to brush him again which is where i realized the majority of the crumb-like bits was probably salt off of his paws. anyway, i'm still up and i'm sure i will be for the rest of the night, morning, whatever. pictures:


this is where he likes to lie when the computer is in use (this is where he is sleeping right at this very moment as i type this). is that my visa behind him? dammit, he better not be charging his internet porn subscriptions to it.


one of his favourite toys, my bra. it's old, i gave it to him....for keeps.


he attacks the computer chair (it had it coming)


i opened the fridge to get something to drink, i turned my head for a second, and found this upon my return. i think he's wondering where all the food is, why the hell this thing is so empty.


yup, seems like there was nothing of interest to him. sure there's a plethora of macintosh apples but come on, boring!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

the nameless feline


i got a kitty!!!! he's the same kitty as the one in the dishwasher below but now he's mine. he's about 4 month old and has gone that long sans nomenclature. the poor little guy needs a name, why is this so hard? kate seems to think he should be called Lord Manfred of the Casbah but i have a feeling that will prove to be quite the challenge when he starts to learn how to write his name in kindergarten.

i have scratches all over me, my hands are shredded. he tried climbing me this morning, managed to get to my left hip when his dagger of a toenail sunk into my skin and i shrieked in pain. he climbed down then just sat there looking at me.

*note: photo was taken after he had just woken up, he's not really as pissed off as he looks*

Monday, November 14, 2005

they get into the strangest places

kitten in a dishwasher. the door was down, the kitten was curious

Sunday, November 13, 2005

me, myself, i

me & kate

i saw this on felicia's site and thought i'd see if i could answer the questions. i'm a sucker for these types of things for some reason.

20 random things about me:
1. i was a klepto in my single digit years (stole my friends fruit roll-up once)
2. i still think there's a possibility of monsters under my bed
3. i like olives
4. i squirt a hot pepper in my sisters eye when we were kids
5. i was a bossy little bitch when i was little
6. i believe in fairies
7. my grandma says i'm a witch just like her (the broomstick kind, not the term used for mean women kind)
8. i talk to animals like i expect them to reciprocate verbally
9. i tried to catch a tiny jelly-fish with half an empty passionfruit shell during my first trip to australia (i was 10)
10. i love getting ink & paint on me when being arty
11. i used to put soap on my sisters toothbrush
12. i still sleep with a teddy bear (had it since i was 8 months old)
13. i crave salad
14. i want to liberate all animals from pet stores
15. i eat raspberries off my fingertips
16. i hate price tags on things & have to take them off as soon as i buy something (like a bottle of water for eg.) i feel like it's not mine or something
17. i like the taste of bruised strawberries
18. i hate shoe shopping, shopping in general
19. my middle name is Elizabeth
20. i want a studio

7 things to do before I die:
1. get my license
2. go to Italy
3. make myself TRULY happy
4. do a cartwheel
5. create a studio for all of my artsy hobbies
6. save someone
7. make a lasting impression

7 things I cannot do
1. say "no" to someone i love
2. take a beer cap off with my teeth
3. sing
4. ignore an animal on the street (be they stray or not, i have to try to pet them)
5. draw hands
6. play a musical instrument
7. be deliberately mean

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex
1. sense of humour (i need to laugh more than i need to breath)
2. talent
3. eyes
4. kindness
5. intelligence
6. height (i like 'em taller than me)
7. nice chest (yeah, i'm like a guy on this one)

7 things I say most often
1. just kidding
2. i wish...
3. G (yes, i actually call people "G"...i'm quasi ashamed)
4. ?
5. ?
6. ?
7. ?

7 Celebrity Crushes
1. Ewan McGregor
2. Zach Braff
3. Ryan Reynolds
4. Adrien Brody
5. Christian Bale
6. Alessandro Nivola
7. Sam Rockwell

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

put something good in your ears

i recently did a trade with a beautiful girl in Maryland, a pair of earrings for her CD. i just got it in the mail this morning and it's gorgeous! her voice is delicate yet powerful, she feels what she's singing and her lyrics are wonderful.

i met her through my space, she has 4 songs you can listen to up on her space and i really think you should go and check them out. go now, leave my boring old site and give her a listen.

Monday, November 07, 2005



so i came across this picture today and said to myself "if this is the case, if they can really do more boats for amanda". sharks are one of my biggest fears and i'm not sure why. yeah they're scary because they have lots of teeth and all that but my fear keeps me from swimming over the drain in the deep end of swimming pools, just in case. when we were kids i told kate that they were in there, sharks mulling around in pool drains waiting for her to swim over top so they could eat her. it backfired, sure she never swam over them and when jumping/diving/canonballing off the diving board she'd always veer to the extreme right or left, but crap, i started to believe my lie.

on our honeymoon (St. Lucia) we took a catamaran tour for the day. the afternoon consisted of a bit of sorkling off the boat, lounging in the sun on the deck, drinking, whatever. damian decided he was going to try snorkling but i said "no way, there's sharks somewhere in there", so i stayed on board and watched him. somehow, and it is still beyond me how he did it, he convinced me to give it a try. i squeezed into some flippers, pulled a mask over my face and stood on the edge of the boat looking at the crystal blue water beneath me. i could see to the bottom, you'd think that would calm me a bit. i guess it did for a split second because i jumped in. my little legs hung there, suspended in 60 feet of water with god knows what circling around me. i started to panic. damian said "look down, look in the water, don't be scared" which i did. i pushed my face into the salt and saw rock formations under me and other peoples legs. i freaked again. i started to cry and made my way back to the ladder where i discovered it was in use. i had to swim over to the other side of the boat the whole time thinking a shark was going to grab my leg and pull me down. i have never climbed so fast in my life. i got back on, shaking, and poured myself a cup of punch (ingredients: 3 teaspoons of tropical fruit juice, 4 cups of rum).

my imagination gets the best of me, way to vivid. it's a good thing most of the time but when encountering vast bodies of water, narrow alley ways at night, sharp objects, spiders, onions, abandoned buildings, math textbooks, heights, rickety elevators that smell moldy, and the like......i think the most dreadful things. i convince myself of the worst possible situation and imagine it as the casue of my demise.

i do like boats though, they're kind of nice to relax on. so if anyone can confirm the jumping shark thing, i'd be eternally grateful.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

the 5 foot illuminated flute

i don't think i'd be very good at meditation.

i bought a bottle of champagne this evening and poured myself a glass just as my bath was near full. i lit one candle, in a red glass votive holder, and rested it on the edge of the tub. beside it i placed my bubbling flute. i turned on some music, shut off the lights and stepped into my blue.

i floated there to the sounds of "being in love" by songs: ohia with my mind going a mile a minute. it changes topics in a matter of seconds and i can never seem to put any of the ideas that swim by onto paper. i get story plots, paintings, creative ideas of all sorts yet they all seem to whiz by with such speed that i can't grab hold of them. i wonder if my mind is ever at rest? i'm constantly thinking thinking thinking. somewhere i'm unfulfilled.