Sunday, October 30, 2005

what the hey?

since i'm in need of a new digital camera all i have to offer right now is sad sad, poor quality photos from my cell phone. unfortunately even THAT is being a bitch....well actually it's the telus website but whatever, same thing. so until i can upload what I looked like this very evening (all dolled up for a halloween party), you will have to enjoy the stunning vision which is damian (sans shirt, vest, facial hair, tight white jeans and fake vintage tattoo....yeah, just the hair pretty much changes him into nasty damn quick)

"who's a pretty boy?"

i'm either pregnant or drunk coz i've got a mad craving for dill pickles (and olives).

halloween should be like christmas, celebrated over a course of 2 months. by the end of august you start seeing ghosts and happy little jack-o-lanterns popping up in your local greeting card store, families fight over who gets to spend more time with who, orange & black lights are left strung on roof tops until mid-june, offices have parties in the second week of october where the receptionist gets high on candy corn and photocopies her boobies, kids write letters to the great pumpkin asking for "a small bag of plain chips that's more air than product and miniture 'eatmores' that they i can pass on to the dog". i just LOVE halloween, we should dress in costumes more often.