Monday, October 17, 2005

i may be 28 but i can still laugh like i'm 8


what you are seeing is an actual piece of bread found on the bread table of the ritzy buffet at the king eddie. yes, upon seeing it, robin and i both cracked up and to her "does that look....." i cut her off with a response of "yes, very much so". it wasn't in a basket for the taking, it seemed like it was more there for decoration (along with many other pieces shaped in the same form). we decided we needed to bring it back to the table. we had to share the glorious find and get opinions on whether or not the baker knew what he was doing or whether the breads were simply formed and baked to golden perfection without question or notice of the phallic state of the dough.

after we laughed like children do upon hearing a good fart joke, i placed the fallacy on my plate where i hoped it would stay so i could bring it home to shellac it and turn it into a magnet of ultimate beauty and hilarity. it was not meant to be, for as i was coming back to the table with a bowl of fruit salad i saw our waiter lift my plate and whisk my penis bread away. was that a glint in his eye?