Wednesday, October 26, 2005

give me a Z...(pretty please)


lately i haven't been able to sleep through the night. it takes me a while to fall and once i do i'm not out long before i wake up again. it's not like one of those wake ups where you realize you're changing positions and fall right back asleep, no, i'm wide awake.

the thing is i've also been having vivid, crazy, odd dreams in those moments of sleep. i like them, i look forward to them. it seems dreaming is my most creative state recently, my most inspired.

i've started making artist trading cards (haven't started trading yet though, not enough made). i have to get my scanner working so i can make an ATC page and post mine as well as the ones i get in trades.

i'm not sure why, maybe it's because halloween is approaching, but i'm in horror movie mode. i prefer psychological thrillers over guts and gore, movies about ghosts....the paranormal, rather than slasher flicks. can anyone help me find a good psych thriller? i haven't seen a movie that has truly freaked me out in a long time. if the movie includes any of these, it's sure to make my spine quiver:

things that creep amanda out:
* people on stilts
* ventriloquist dummies
* elongated limbs (like people on stilts...but it goes for all limbs)
* old asylums
* burned out buildings
* large sinking ships (being swallowed by a vast deep ocean.....shudder)
* old abandoned houses in the middle of nowhere
* TRUE ghost stories/hauntings (like movies based on actual events)

i have an idea for a book, maybe i should attempt nanowrimo again.