Wednesday, October 19, 2005

cheap to entertain


look how sad i am, i'm in desperate need of some fun in that passenger seat. it really doesn't take much to entertain me, i'm like a cat or a baby that way. buy me an expensive toy and i'll have more fun with the box it came in. take, for example, the $1 that was spent in a vending machine to give me a false case of gingivitis (see below)

who's a pretty girl?

or don't even spend a cent, just take me to Homesense and walk down a curious aisle with me to discover navy collectibles. ask me "have you ever been to sea Manda?" where i will answer "no, not really" then say "well you're there now". find a rather large (and heavy) old diving mask and tell me to put it on my head as if it were a hat. remind me that my head is so small that there's a good chance it will fit in said "hat".


well it didn't fit ALL the way down but that might have been due to the screws and bolts sticking out of it in what would be the neck region. yes, i managed to scratch my forehead on one of those screws. it was all worth it, a good laugh it always worth it!

p.s. wow, in that diving photo i look like i'm sporting some double D action.