Monday, October 31, 2005

a blood curdling shriek from within the walls


animals in costumes make me laugh, i couldn't resist making a little banner when i found this guy.

Sunday, October 30, 2005



the wings didn't stay on all night due to the fact that they were taking people out.

i need more reasons to wear this costume.

what the hey?

since i'm in need of a new digital camera all i have to offer right now is sad sad, poor quality photos from my cell phone. unfortunately even THAT is being a bitch....well actually it's the telus website but whatever, same thing. so until i can upload what I looked like this very evening (all dolled up for a halloween party), you will have to enjoy the stunning vision which is damian (sans shirt, vest, facial hair, tight white jeans and fake vintage tattoo....yeah, just the hair pretty much changes him into nasty damn quick)

"who's a pretty boy?"

i'm either pregnant or drunk coz i've got a mad craving for dill pickles (and olives).

halloween should be like christmas, celebrated over a course of 2 months. by the end of august you start seeing ghosts and happy little jack-o-lanterns popping up in your local greeting card store, families fight over who gets to spend more time with who, orange & black lights are left strung on roof tops until mid-june, offices have parties in the second week of october where the receptionist gets high on candy corn and photocopies her boobies, kids write letters to the great pumpkin asking for "a small bag of plain chips that's more air than product and miniture 'eatmores' that they i can pass on to the dog". i just LOVE halloween, we should dress in costumes more often.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

give me a Z...(pretty please)


lately i haven't been able to sleep through the night. it takes me a while to fall and once i do i'm not out long before i wake up again. it's not like one of those wake ups where you realize you're changing positions and fall right back asleep, no, i'm wide awake.

the thing is i've also been having vivid, crazy, odd dreams in those moments of sleep. i like them, i look forward to them. it seems dreaming is my most creative state recently, my most inspired.

i've started making artist trading cards (haven't started trading yet though, not enough made). i have to get my scanner working so i can make an ATC page and post mine as well as the ones i get in trades.

i'm not sure why, maybe it's because halloween is approaching, but i'm in horror movie mode. i prefer psychological thrillers over guts and gore, movies about ghosts....the paranormal, rather than slasher flicks. can anyone help me find a good psych thriller? i haven't seen a movie that has truly freaked me out in a long time. if the movie includes any of these, it's sure to make my spine quiver:

things that creep amanda out:
* people on stilts
* ventriloquist dummies
* elongated limbs (like people on stilts...but it goes for all limbs)
* old asylums
* burned out buildings
* large sinking ships (being swallowed by a vast deep ocean.....shudder)
* old abandoned houses in the middle of nowhere
* TRUE ghost stories/hauntings (like movies based on actual events)

i have an idea for a book, maybe i should attempt nanowrimo again.

Monday, October 24, 2005

like a weed


when i get to this point, the point of realization that i don't look too idiotic with pigtails, the point where i carry 2 elastics in my back pocket wherever i go in case of bad hair due to's the point that tells me i need a haircut. it's the point i try to talk myself out of because when i get that cut it will cost me $50 (i don't go to anyone but Nikki), so, the pigtails.

on saturday night i saw a band i hadn't seen in years, wide mouth mason. it was fun to see them again. i didn't stand right up front as i used to but rather a few rows back. afterwards i said a hello to Shaun (lead singer) who came at me with hug arms, wrapped them around me and rocked me side to side saying "it's so good to see you again, it's been too long". it was like a little walk down memory lane.

pigtails were not worn.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

cheap to entertain


look how sad i am, i'm in desperate need of some fun in that passenger seat. it really doesn't take much to entertain me, i'm like a cat or a baby that way. buy me an expensive toy and i'll have more fun with the box it came in. take, for example, the $1 that was spent in a vending machine to give me a false case of gingivitis (see below)

who's a pretty girl?

or don't even spend a cent, just take me to Homesense and walk down a curious aisle with me to discover navy collectibles. ask me "have you ever been to sea Manda?" where i will answer "no, not really" then say "well you're there now". find a rather large (and heavy) old diving mask and tell me to put it on my head as if it were a hat. remind me that my head is so small that there's a good chance it will fit in said "hat".


well it didn't fit ALL the way down but that might have been due to the screws and bolts sticking out of it in what would be the neck region. yes, i managed to scratch my forehead on one of those screws. it was all worth it, a good laugh it always worth it!

p.s. wow, in that diving photo i look like i'm sporting some double D action.

Monday, October 17, 2005

i may be 28 but i can still laugh like i'm 8


what you are seeing is an actual piece of bread found on the bread table of the ritzy buffet at the king eddie. yes, upon seeing it, robin and i both cracked up and to her "does that look....." i cut her off with a response of "yes, very much so". it wasn't in a basket for the taking, it seemed like it was more there for decoration (along with many other pieces shaped in the same form). we decided we needed to bring it back to the table. we had to share the glorious find and get opinions on whether or not the baker knew what he was doing or whether the breads were simply formed and baked to golden perfection without question or notice of the phallic state of the dough.

after we laughed like children do upon hearing a good fart joke, i placed the fallacy on my plate where i hoped it would stay so i could bring it home to shellac it and turn it into a magnet of ultimate beauty and hilarity. it was not meant to be, for as i was coming back to the table with a bowl of fruit salad i saw our waiter lift my plate and whisk my penis bread away. was that a glint in his eye?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

i marry V V

kate got me into a hit movie check it out!