Monday, September 12, 2005

"maybe we'll change the title"

so far so good with this years film fest. i've seen 4 films (10 more to go) and i've enjoyed 3 out of the 4 VERY much.

the first film was 'neverwas' which had a great premise, awesome acting by ian mckellen (of course) yet it lacked something. there was a love story that didn't need to be there. it was okay but the other 3 i saw were much more yummy.

second film: 'capote' in which PSH blew me away with his portrayal of truman capote. the film was excellent!

third film: 'breakfast on pluto' which i LOVED to bits! i'm now in love (it's true and real) with cillian murphy. i share the true and real love with kate who had a little moment with him (celeb spottings will be mentioned in the next post). he played a fantastic transvestite!!!

fourth film: 'bubble' which might be my favourite so far. there were no professional actors in it and it was done so simply. a simple story about a love triangle in a small town amongst 3 factory workers. i know it doesn't sound like much but it's films like these that make me love the fest. it was directed by steven soderbergh and it was him who said my title quote when asked "where did the title of the film come from" and he had trouble answering it. it was a funny moment, you really had to be there i guess.

i have at least one film a day until the end of the fest (thursday sees me at 4 films...yikes).