Friday, September 23, 2005

kitten mountain



i was visiting Rob's kittens again last night. they're about 8 weeks old now and all they wanted to do was play. well one of them (the shy one) sat in the closet and stared at me. as you can see from the second photo my shoes became the central play there anything more fun than shoelaces? please note that, despite how it may looks in that second photo, my jeans are NOT tight fitahs. they actually have a pretty standard leg width, sort of a boot cut i guess you could say. i don't want you thinking i've gone tapered, heaven forbid.

that little guy in the first photo reminds me of my cat Oliver (RIP) and the kitty on my legs in the other one was a permanent fixture. always jumping on me, claws out, crawling all over my shoes as if conqeuring the mightiest mountain. i have so many scratches on me, i felt them all when the hot water hit me in the shower this morning. they're on my legs, my arms, hands, back, and neck (they like to climb).

happy fall by the way. last night it rained and it really felt like a cozy autumn night, i was loving it. today is still a bit warm but the breeze is a little cooler. i can't wait to wear sweaters!

i must apologize for the boringness of these posts as of late. i've been feeling really creative lately (i love when i get like this) BUT nothing much seems to be coming out. how is that?